Thank you from Port Villa, Vanautu

June 25, 2018

Today in Port Vila – Vanuatu we are having our first ever graduation of second years students …

My thank you to you can’t express more what the Bible college done and materials are awesome and now we are graduating (6) students from the Bible college. Other news two graduates will be sent to New Caledonia for short missionary work after graduating .. Third student going to Luganville, Espirto Santo to head the work there as senior pastor in town and continue the work n outside stations and remote villages up in the mountains. Three other graduates will be work in Port Vila town church with us and continue what they have gone with there training ..

Again we give glory and honor is Holy Spirit who direct the move to establish the Bible college in a Republic of Vanuatu … God never make mistake and he is just on time and now we seeing is power work through our Bible College.

I highly acknowledge you for contributing to the world the best materials to give or enable our young generation to get to know God better by studying the word by attending our Bible college.

Thank you to you (Jack and Grace Tuls) and Dr A L Gill for materials that compose to greatest to each student and bring deeper knowledge about the Word of God.


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