Authority of a Believer

Kingdom Training | COURSE 2

Know Your Enemy

In this powerful course you will discover how to quit loosing and start winning every battle of life! God’s creative purpose for us as His “New Creation” was revealed when He said: “Let them have dominion over this earth and everything in it.” You will discover why Satan hates us so much and how to use your spiritual weapons to take dominion over all of the power of the enemy. You will find yourself forcibly advancing the Kingdom of God on this earth and demonstrating the fact that Satan is a defeated foe.

Kingdom Authority Established

Beginning with the fall of Lucifer in eternity past, we will discover God’s eternal purpose for mankind! When God created Adam and Eve, He said, “Let them rule!”

This study reveals God’s provision for victory and dominion over Satan. It reveals to believers who they are in Jesus, and how they can stop losing and start winning in the everyday battles of life.

Corresponding Manual

Authority ot the Believer


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