Declaring the Name of Jesus to the Nations

Over 60 years Equipping Believers to do the Works of Jesus

What Other Ministries Say

Dennis & Kathy Balcombe

Dennis Balcombe

Apostolic Ministry to Hong Kong and China Revival Chinese Ministries International

Dennis sent an email this January: We are still very active in mainland China, and I spend most of my time there. As you know, the Assemblies of God years ago translated into Chinese and put all your teaching into the Word format. I take this with me with my other teachings, and wherever I go I copy your teaching to the church leaders. Almost everyone now has computers. They really appreciate this, and these are both house churches and Three-Self churches (where I now do a lot of ministry monthly). Your ministry is helping Chinese in China and all over the world.

Dr. Stan Dekovan

Dr. Stan DeKoven

President Vision Christian College

A.L. and Joyce exude faith in all they say and do. More than any couple I have had the privilege to minister along side, they really believe God and his word for salvation of the nations, healing of the wounded, and prosperity for God’s people from a balanced biblical perspective. Their crusade ministry, dynamic books, video instruction, and life-affirming love for the people of God has brought tremendous fruitfulness as seen in changed lives and transformed churches around the world. What a joy to see how God can use for His glory this common man and woman who are completely yielded to Christ.

Berin & Lisa Gilfillan

Berin and Lisa Gilfillan

Good Shepherd Ministries, Founders International School of Ministry

A.L. and Joyce are truly hidden treasures in the body of Christ. When we put together our curriculum for the International School of Ministry (ISOM), we looked for people who were the real deal, people who had the goods. When it came to the key subject of Supernatural Living and Healing through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, we chose Dr. A.L. Gill. That 10-hour series is now in over 50 languages and is blessing tens of thousands of students all over the world. Hardly a week goes by when we don’t get testimonies about miracles happening as a result of his teaching. That teaching is just one series in a vast library of knowledge that the Gills both live and teach. A.L. and Joyce have so much to offer to God’s people. They have the love of true spiritual parents, the wealth of experience that comes from decades on the front lines of global ministry, hearts of generosity and the genuine ability that brings about lasting fruit and real results. They have our highest endorsement.

AL & Joyce With the Hunters

Charles and Frances Hunter

Healing Evangelists ~ Now with the Lord

“As we have ministered with A.L. and Joyce, we have seen the freedom of the Spirit of God move through them. Luke 11:36 paints a picture of their faces. If you are filled with light within, with no dark corners, then your face will be radiant too, as through a floodlight is beamed upon you (TLB). The Gills are anointed ministers of the Word and God is greatly using them in conducting Healing Explosions and seminars around the world.”

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Patricia King

Patricia King

XP Media

A.L. (Papa) and Joyce (Mama) Gill have made tremendous impact on my life. They minister in love, joy, and power. They are solid teachers of the Word of God. They are workers of miracles and Kingdom advancers. Over many years they have with integrity preached the gospel in 85 nations with signs and wonders following. In the second half of life they have remained current and fresh continuing to carve out realms for the glory to manifest. When I grow up, I would like to be like them!

Joshua & Janet Angela Mills

Joshua & Janet Angela Mills

Evangelists, New Wine International, Inc. Palm Springs, CA /Vancover, British Columbia, Canada

Dr. A.L. & Joyce Gill are some of the most wonderful ministers we know! They continually walk in the joy of the Lord, and it spills over with salvations, Holy Ghost baptisms and miracles following. All over the world we hear many people speaking so highly of their character, integrity and the anointing of God on their lives. We can confirm this to be true as we’ve been privileged to host their ministry many times and also spent personal time in their home. God’s Word is their standard and God’s Spirit is their Director. We highly recommend Gill Ministries, we know that you will be blessed, encouraged and astounded at the power of God through their lives!

Dr. T.L. Osborn

Dr. T.L. Osborn

Missionary Evangelist

Now with the Lord ~ Your book (Destined for Dominion) provides fresh enlightenment and scriptural knowledge for believers. It gives them the reason for believing. It will help readers in the practical application of their faith.

Pastor Derrias


The Lord led me to preach what He revealed to me through your book, Destined for Dominion. While I was preaching, the Lord started to heal people before I made a request for them to come forward. People were set free from different sicknesses and diseases. To God be the glory.

Pastor Wayne Swenson


After just one conference with A.L. and Joyce, my wife and I, and our church came to love and appreciate them. Their ministry has had a tremendous effect on our people. We use their Bible studies in our church and are seeing Jesus use these teachings to change and transform lives, as our people grow in Christ. A.L. and Joyce have a current and accurate word for the body of Christ. Today God is raising up spiritual Fathers that have a real genuine love for the body of Christ. A.L. and Joyce are in this group of ministers. Together, with their experience and wisdom, they are a real asset to the body of Christ.

Jack Grace Tuls

Dr. Jack Tuls

Apostolic Ministry Establishing Kingdom Training Centers around the World

My wife Grace and I have known Dr. A.L. and Joyce Gill since early 1989. They were instrumental in launching us into the ministry that the Lord has for us. They continue to influence our overseas trips with their wise advice, prophetic insight, and broad experience. We used to make it a point on every mission trip that involves establishing or teaching in Bible schools in the nations, to take at least one copy of each of the Gill’s 10 study manuals. This was a very heavy burden in our luggage. Now we are able to take several CDs, each containing the 12 manuals produced by the Gills to date. Not only is this much lighter to carry, but with the inclusion of blank CDs, we are able to copy from our laptop the manuals in whatever language is desired and available during our trip.

The insight given by the Gills in these manuals, together with their choice of pertinent scripture verses, makes this material “strong weapons” in the hands of Believers equipping them to take their nations for the Lord. At the Gills’ urging, we are no longer talking about Bible schools, but Kingdom Training Centers where people are being trained to live in the Kingdom of God here on Earth. Indeed, it is a pleasure to work with the Gills in taking their manuals to the remote areas of the planet.

Dennis & Lynnie

Dennis Walker

Las Vegas, Nevada

It has been our pleasure to connect with A.L. & Joyce Gill. We have had the Gills in our home church and were deeply impacted by the sensitivity to the move of God’s Spirit as they ministered to us with wisdom and power. Our greatest joy has been to travel with A.L. & Joyce to some of our network churches in Latin America and see their ability to cross cultural barriers with the love of God. We have adopted them as “Pop & Mom” and have seen their insight and wisdom on the issues we have conferred with them about. What a resource for any ministry that desires to move with God’s Spirit today!