Kingdom Advancing Prayer

Kingdom Training | COURSE 7


The disciples said, “Lord, Teach us to pray.” and from this simple beginning, we can learn a whole new way of praying. We can discover how to release God’s power, authority, kingdom, and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Through intercession, praying the Word, and prayers of faith and agreement, we can change our lives, our family, and the world.

Corresponding Manual

Prayer Bringin Heaven to Earth


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Supplemental Reading

Introduction Prayer - Bringing Heaven to Earth - Dr. AL Gill and Brad Andrews

1  Prayers That Change the World

2  Understanding the Basics

3  The Victorious Prayers of Jesus

4  Bringing Heaven to Earth When You Pray

5  Hindrances to Prayer

6 Steps to a Successful Prayer Life

7  The Prayer of Faith and of Agreement

8  You Can Pray in Power!

9  Intercession, The Heart Cry of God

10  If You Abide in Me