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Dr. A.L. Gill is best known for His teaching on Supernatural Living through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This teaching is also part of the International School of Ministry (ISOM) where there are over 20,000 Video Bible Schools,
located in over a 150 nations in over 85 languages.


Dr. Gill and his wife, Joyce, have authored many books and manuals which are being used in Kingdom Training Centers around the world. They are all free by download through this site. God is using this material to bring new life to many churches, cities, and nations. Awesome manifestations of God’s glory and power are experienced as believers move into a new revelation of who they are! To learn more about the Gills ...

In just 20 hours of study, you can become a more powerful, miracle-working,
child of God! Anointed summaries of Dr. Gills most powerful teachings!

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