Healing, A Benefit of Believing in Jesus!

The first compound redemptive name God gave to the Children of Israel was Jehovah-Jireh, I Am the Lord Your God – Who Heals You. God never changes. “I Am” is never just in the past, neither is He just in the future. I  Am is now! I Am  the God who heals you now, today! How sad it is that so many believers have never been taught to receive and minister the healing power of God through the name of Jesus. Hosea wrote, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. This is so true when it comes to healing.

If you need healing, study the Word of God on healing. Saturate yourself on Words of healing. Faith comes through hearing, and hearing the Word of God. Let His Word “explode” within you bringing both the healing you need and the ability to bring healing to others!

One sentence can spark your faith to be healed. There are many resources on this page, both by the Gills and others. Keep looking, keep listening, keep believing until your faith becomes more powerful than the disease that is trying to attack your body. The Word of God says, "By the stripes of Jesus you are healed!"

Dr. Gill Reads God's Promises for Healing

AL & Joyce With the Hunters

How to Heal the Sick - By Charles and Frances Hunter

God's Word is timeless! Charles and Frances Hunter were special friends to the Gills. Their teaching on healing was a great inspiration to them as they stepped into their own ministry of healing. This teaching was also used around the world to teach believers how to minister healing before the great Healing Explosions of the 80's where thousands of people stepped out for the first time to minister healing to others. The Hunters are with the Lord today, but their teaching continues to challenge our faith to step into new realm of ministering to others.