Experience Healing

Fast Track | Step 4

Jesus healed the sick everywhere He went, and He said it was His will above all things that we would prosper and be in health. Jesus also said, “The works I do, you shall do also!” And then as He was leaving this world to go back to His Father, He gave His final commandment to His followers. One of those commandments was “You shall lay your hands on the sick and they shall recover.”

Through this powerful, exciting, life-changing course you will learn how you can receive healing in your own body and walk in divine health. You will also learn how you, as a spirit-filled believer, can effectively minister the healing power of God, letting it flow into others who need healing.



with Dr. A.L. Gill and Brad Andrews


1. God's View of Sickness and Disease

2. Jesus is Our Healer

3. Jesus, Our Example

4. The Holy Spirit and His Power

5. Laying Hands on the Sick

6. Healing Words of Faith

7. Healing Actions and Prayers

8. The Gifts of Healing

Corresponding Manual

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