AL and I have been married for almost 65 years and people often ask how we met. He’s from Houston, Texas, and I’m from Jackson, Michigan. The secret is that my family moved to Texas when I was about 13 years old.

In 1955 AL and I were going to different Bible Schools, but we came home for Christmas vacation. AL’s brother had met my sister the week before and they were dating and thought it would be great fun if AL and I joined them double dating while we were all in town. So, we agreed to meet on the steps of the church in downtown Houston.

We spent almost every waking moment of that vacation together and then we both flew back to our separate Bible Schools - He to Chicago and I to Kentucky. The rest of that school year letters traveled back and forth and when we came home that summer, we started dating again, and were married the following November.

At our wedding, a friend sang the song, I’m following Jesus One Step at a Time changing the wording to be both our testimonies. The words are still our testimonies.

We are so blessed!

2021 will be our 65th Wedding Anniversary!

We're Following Jesus

We’re following Jesus, one step at a time,
We live for the moment in His love divine,
Why think of tomorrow, Just live for today,
We’re following Jesus, each step of the way.

The pathway seems narrow, As He leads us on,
We walk in his shadow, Our fears are all gone,
Our spirits grow stronger, Each moment, each day,
For we’re following Jesus, each step of the way.