The Son of God

What an awesome thing it is, that the Son of God would choose to come to earth and live here as a man, the last Adam ~ that He would choose to die as a sacrifice for our sins so that we can have a relationship with God Himself through His Son Jesus ~ So that one day we can be with Him throughout all eternity.

A.L. and I have been so drawn to the words we found in Pilate’s Report and even in Caiaphas, the High Priest’s, Resignation following the Resurrection that we wanted to share them with you. In the early eighties, Curtis Bell, a real man of prayer and the administrator of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, realized his time on this earth was growing short. He brought a mimeographed copy of a manuscript to me, which had been given to him years before. He said, “This has meant so much to me, I want to pass it on to you.” The title is: Historical Court Records Concerning JESUS the “CHRIST” Messiah ~ Copied from the official manuscripts and scrolls made by the Senatorial Courts of Tiberius Caesar and by the Jewish Sanhedrin – in the days of Jesus entitled “CHRIST” ~ Found in the Libraries at ROME and CONSTANTINOPLE.

As Joyce and I read these records, tears came to our eyes and our hearts burned within us. Could it be? Were these the actual words of Pilate? – Of the High Priest Caiaphas? The controversy has raged on for years. Some say, these writings are all a fake. Some, like ourselves, are very moved by the words that have been written. You can decide for yourself.