Cutting the Ties of the Past

Kingdom Training | COURSE 5B

Cutting the Ties of the Past

Dr. Gill writes, "John and Glenna Miller are close friends. They traveled the world teaching biblical truths that set those in emotional, or behavioral captivity free. Their teaching, Taking the Land – The Restoration of the Soul, is a step-by-step journey using our God-given authority and dominion over our lives, identity and destiny. Joyce and I highly recommend this teaching."

As you go through this series, you will cut the ties of the past. You will destroy Satan's legal right to bring destruction into your life. You will be set free of so many things that have held you back from entering into all God has for you!'

The secret is in the prayers of renouncing things you may not even remember doing. Download the manual and pray the prayers along with them. You will be amazed at the results!

Download this study today, and make notes as you listen. Students become the next teachers.

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