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The Gill's prayer is that will continue to be a blessing around the world. They love it when they get emails that tell them about the difference it has made in people's lives. They especially love it when they hear how it has drawn someone to Jesus!  

Each month, their teaching in both written and spoken word are reaching people from about 125 nations. Thousands of the books and manuals they have provided here are being downloaded. Kingdom Training Centers are being established. 

It is awesome what God is doing as this material is multiplied around the world by people just like you.

Papa Gill and Joyce pray daily for those who come to this website, that the Holy Spirit will lead them to the material they need, and can use to minister to others. They also pray every day for those who donate to Gill Ministries, that God will bless them, their ministry, finances, health, and families. 

Their goal is to always be "good soil" for the advancing of the Kingdom of God!

To donate by mail, send your donation to:
Gill Ministries, PO Box 399,  Santa Maria, CA 93456