From a Sister in Christ in Ethiopia

June 25, 2018

Dear Dr. Gill,
I was recently at book Fair and a small book called “God’s Promises” caught my eye. I felt foolish picking it up, but after thumbing through it a bit and seeing the titles of certain sections that seemed to speak almost directly to struggles in my own life (i.e. “What to do when you are experiencing fear” and “what to do when you feel worried”), I couldn’t resist purchasing it while my friends weren’t looking.

I had recently gone through an earth-shattering breakup with someone whom I’d made my entire identity. Now, without him, I no longer knew who I was, and was crippled by greif and anxiety. While I was raised in the church and have always called myself a “Christian,” I spent little to no time in the word or in prayer, and had no personal relationship with God.

I’ve been reaching for this book almost daily for the past several months, and it has brought me so much peace and even joy. I have always struggled with severe anxiety (to the point where I have panic attacks, sometimes for no reason at all), but now in the wake of this huge change in my life, it had been even worse than normal. Yet in meditating on God’s promises through this book, a seemingly impossible and completely foreign peace has fallen over me. I know myself well enough to know that this peace is not from within myself, but from God alone.

Even though my life is more uncertain than ever, meditating on God’s promises has delivered me from so much fear and anxiety, and even from some unhealthy addictions that often accompany my anxiety. I am so thankful to have found this book, not because it itself has any supernatural power, but because it has helped me to listen to and belive the promises that Christ gives us in His word. So thanks for compiling these verses. They are changing my life. They are changing me. I feel God’s peace for the first time in my life, and it is breathtakingly humbling and beautiful. Thank you for being a servant of God and helping others on their path to Him.

A sister in Christ


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