A Month of Miracles

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles

August 7, 2018

Al and JoyceJoyce and I have just returned from two weeks of meetings in the Cleveland area and in Celina, Ohio. Remarkable healings took place in both cities.

Pastor Bobby

Pastor Bobby from the Cleveland area wrote: Maggie said she had a growth that kept her from being able to breathe through her nose and now it is open. She can breathe through her nose again.
But the funny part of the story is she doesn’t remember how she got home other than when she left the church building. She said she wandered all over the place and couldn’t find her way home. She ended up almost 20 miles away and was on the phone talking to her sister saying, “Nothing here looks familiar.” Her sister said to use her GPS to find her way home. She pushed the “home” button and it told her how to get home. Maggie is 68 years old and has lived here all her life! She lives about one and a half miles from the church! She doesn’t know how she ended up 20 miles away. She said she just turned here and turned there and just wandered around. She said she was glad she had a GPS in her car and a sister who told her to use it!

Pastor Justin

Justin, the pastor who invited us to come to their church in Celina, wrote: For about twelve years I have been suffering with persistent pain in my neck. Chiropractic treatments had failed to get the pain to go away. But one night in your meetings as we were all shouting praises to God in the Spirit for all of God’s many miracles, the pain was instantly gone.


Another man (Chris) who had been suffering a very serious and painful sinus condition for a long time received the full manifestation of his healing. He sent the following report:

The symptoms were slowly getting worse and worse over time. I went to my family doctor a few times over the years and they gave me some antibiotics that helped some but did not solve the problem. I was recommended to a specialist to be evaluated for sinus surgery, but was always hesitant to go down that path. (He wanted to receive his healing from God.) I tried many medicines and natural remedies. Many of them helped manage the symptoms but none of them solved the underlying problem.

Over the years, I prayed for healing and asked others to lay hands on me several times. I even received relief for a time when my wife and children prayed for me. Unfortunately, the sinus problems came back to haunt me. But in all this time, God has also been moving in my life to build my faith and dependence on Him.

Over the past several months, my symptoms were becoming worse than ever. It was starting to bring me to a point of desperation. It was affecting the way I ate and the way I breathe. It was starting to affect me in ways that made it difficult to feel normal. My symptoms were getting so bad that it was past the point of just affecting my actions; it was starting to take over my thoughts. I had to think about how I could manage my symptoms continually throughout the day. I was starting to live in fear that my sinuses would act up and I would have an embarrassing episode in front of friends or co-workers. I was starting to consider going through with sinus surgery because my condition was becoming unbearable. Day-after-day it was getting worse. I realized that my sickness was making it so that I was no longer living life normally.

Before I committed myself to surgery, there was an announcement that A.L. Gill would be coming to our church and that he had a powerful healing ministry. I prayed to God and I told Him that I needed a healing. I told Him that I couldn’t keep on going like I was and that I was believing to receive my healing during this event. I even told Him that if I didn’t receive healing I would have to turn to the doctors and pursue surgery. But I had a great desire to receive my healing from God and not through medicine.

Now, I know that you don’t have to have a special event or a famous speaker to receive healing from God, but I also was being told that A.L. has a special anointing for healing in his life. I was getting to a breaking point. So I began to pray and stir up my faith to raise my expectations.

A Good Report

When A.L. came to our church, we did start to see many healings. Praise God for His miraculous power and the love He pours out on us!

On Sunday morning, I made my way forward to seek healing from Jesus. I quickly explained my situation to A.L. When he laid hands on me, I felt the anointing and power of God come upon me. I didn’t immediately feel any change in my condition but I did feel full of Gods power and glory! I proclaimed thanks and praise to Jesus, my faith was built up and I believed that the healing was taking place even if I couldn’t tell for sure yet from my symptoms. A few hours later, I truly started to see and feel the truth. My first indication came when I took in a breath and noticed that the air seemed to be filling my lungs more fully. I noticed that I could smell the cleanliness of the air… something that I hadn’t done for a long time. I immediately began to praise and thank Jesus and to tell my family what God had done.

The next morning, my thankfulness was renewed again. The first thing I noticed when I woke up in the morning was that I was breathing free and clear; and every time I took a breath, my lungs felt like they were overflowing with so much life and oxygen! The next several days brought more and more of the same. Throughout that day, I couldn’t help but notice that I could breathe normally, I could eat normally and I no longer had to do all the things that I had been doing to manage my symptoms. I was free!

I have been continually reminded of God’s grace and His healing power every time I wake up and take my first breath; and every time I take a full breath, I am reminded and I can’t help but praise Jesus for what He has done for me!

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy,
and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!”

Now that I have received a healing miracle in my life, I feel emboldened to lay hands on the sick and to believe with an empowered faith for the healing that Jesus has won for us. (Mathew 10:8)

These are just a few of the many remarkable miracles that have manifested during the past two weeks. The pastors have asked us to come back every year. It is reports like these that keep us going and ministering the healing power of God both here and in many nations. And one of the most exciting things to us is seeing these same remarkable healing miracles happening through the hands of the believers we train to do the works of Jesus everywhere they go.

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Your missionaries to the world,
A.L. ‘n Joyce Gill



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