Intensified Glory

Intensified Glory

September 27, 2018

Mountain Top Encounter
“Intensified Glory” God spoke those words to me in preparation for the Mountain Top Encounter and He spoke them to Joshua Mills
as he drove into the parking lot of the hotel. What is intensified glory? It’s coming into the manifested presence of God. And how awesome if was during the past Mountain Top Encounter to have an encounter with God Himself!

Celestial Sounds

The first evening as Steve Swanson was leading in worship, the glory and presence of God kept intensifying until it was almost impossible to stand. Steve was playing in the spirit, when suddenly awesome high celestial sounds began to come out of his keyboard – sounds he was not playing

As we came into the presence of God, no one cared about the time and all two hundred of us just basked in His presence. Some stood, some knelt, some were face down on the floor, but we were all awe-stuck at being in the presence of our Almighty God.

Joshua called his wife, Janet, and their team in Palm Springs and told them to drop everything and come to Big Bear because God was doing an awesome thing. Even though they were busy preparing for their “Spirit Spa” conference that weekend, they rushed to Big Bear the next day because they didn’t want to miss this awesome move of God.

Heavenly Oil

God awakened Joshua Mills in the middle of that night and there were two angels pouring out oil in his room. He turned on the light and to his amazement there were two plastic glasses sitting on the table at the foot of his bed filled with oil. When he went to bed, these plastic glasses were in the bathroom wrapped in plastic. Gut now, they were unwrapped and filled with oil. Next to the glasses of oil, Joshua’s Bible was opened to Revelation chapter five and covered with golden glory dust. When Joshua had gone to bed, his Bible was lying on top of the television cabinet.

How awesome it was in the first session the next morning as Joshua was teaching on the glory. The oil of the Holy Spirit began to bubble up in his hands. He anointed Joyce and I with the oil as it flowed from his hands and we were out under the power of God. People ran to form a circle all around the hotel ballroom where we were meeting and he anointed each one with the supernatural oil that was flowing from his hands.

Hear Joshua tell of his experience

Angels Sang Holy

Man Worshipping GodAgain as Steve Swanson was leading in worship, suddenly, new sounds were coming out of his keyboard. The sounds were totally different. Steve’s hands flew off the keyboard and into the air and the sounds kept coming. We cold hear angels singing “Holy” and they continued to do so for almost thirty minutes. Steve walked away from the keyboard as the angels continued singing.

We all listened in stunned silence, many face down on the floor, as the music and the angel voices continued for almost thirty minutes. During this time, there were prophetic new songs that came forth from other ministries. Again, we all knew that we had been in the presence of God and that our lives would never be the same.

Prophetic Ministry

On Wednesday afternoon, we had eight prophetic teams stationed around the room. Everyone who wanted personal ministry was prayed with and they shared later about their healings and how God had confirmed things to them– things they were praying about. They were awestruck at the accuracy of the prophetic words they received during this time.

Healed in the Glory

On Thursday afternoon many were healed as Dennis Walker joined me in calling out words of knowledge. Soon, people were lined up to testify of the miracles they had just received in the intensified glory of God’s awesome presence. As we ministered healing to others who had back problems, arthritis, carpal tunnel problems in their wrist and hands, deafness and ringing in their ears and many other problems, the excitement kept growing as we heard the many testimonies of God’s healing power.

Harvest Glory

God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others and on the last night, the focus turned to the great end-time harvest. During the Encounter, many had gathered from other nations. As Steve was leading in praise, many began to take the flags of the nations that were at the front of the ballroom. As they began to wave the flags around the auditorium as a prayer for the nations, I took the microphone to those who could pray in other languages. As they cried out to God in Spanish, French, Russian, Tagalog, Dutch, Burmese, and other languages, you could feel the heart cry of God for the lost and dying in the nations of the world.

Life-Changing Glory

We always end an Encounter saying this was the best ever! The intensity of the people desiring to come into the presence of God, the intensity of God’s presence – is beyond description. The Encounter had begun on the first night with a “tunnel of fire” and manife­stations began to happen on the very first night.

The Encounter ended with another impartation with all walking through the “tunnel of glory” formed by the outstretched hands of many of the leaders. Many had reported seeing angels, others of having heard the voice of God, and others having been healed of deep emotional and physical needs. All of our lives were changed forever as we knew we had spent three nights and two days in the Intensified Glory of God’s awesome presence.

We were recording all that happened for our own treasure, but Joyce was so impacted by this Encounter that she asked the Lord to help her condense all that happened. Below you can order the CD album containing the highlights of these meetings including the supernatural celestial heavenly sounds and the angels singing “Holy” that were coming from the keyboard.

We feel you will be able to experience the same anointing and “intensified glory” by listening to these CDs as was experienced in the meetings.

Plan now to join us for our next Mountain Top Encounter. A Seminar is where you come to receive knowledge. A Conference is where ministries come together and teach. But a God Encounter is where you come expecting to come into the very presence of God.

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