Heavenly Globes

April 9, 2021

Multiple OrbsPastor Garitson was camping with a small group of Christians above Jerome, Arizona, and in the evening they gathered to spend time worshiping God. One of the group took this picture.

Immediately we asked, what are the round objects we see in the sky? We have learned these are referred to as orbs, but that is just a name, meaning a sphere or spherical object. You can find these described on the Internet as ghosts, spirits, and departed beings. Some Christians feel these are angels.
Using a photo program, we added light to the picture and more of these Heavenly Bubbles became visible. Notice the upper left corner. This object is more like we may have imagined an angel would look.

A friend of ours who knows the Pastor Carl who was involved in this time of worship, wrote that he seems to “bubble with joy” when he enters the Lord’s presence. She continued, “It is my opinion that the orbs represent bubbles of the glory of the Lord’s presence … It’s like the effervescence of God’s nature is floating down on his servants who are worshipping and praising Him.”

We want to say, “Thank you pastor for sharing this very special time with us!” These Heavenly Bubbles are also appearing in pictures taken in their church.

Multiple OrbsWe have been unhappy using the word “orbs” to describe what we were seeing. We have started seeing them as Heavenly Spheres or Bubbles. Even as we were writing this, we received a copy of an email titled “Joy Bubbles.” It contained these words, “I just remembered something I “saw” when praying for you two last night. Bubbles arising and then popping, but…with a difference. Each bubble contained GIFTS that came floating down … and there were LOTS of bubbles!”

Through the same program, we added more light, bringing the spirit-realm into more focus, and letting the natural be “washed out.”

Many of us know little about the spirit realm. We operate in the areas of our five senses. We recognize what we can see, touch, taste, smell and hear. But the Bible makes it clear that there is another realm all around us. How exciting it is as we begin to see these areas become more visible.

We believe that as the end of all things comes closer and closer, we will be coming into more contact with both angels and demons. We are warned by the apostle Paul that satan can even appear as an angel of light. In making any contact with the spirit realm, we should remember that we are to try the spirits. The question A.L. and I ask is, “What do you say to the shed blood of Jesus Christ?” (I John 4:1-2) Angels love to bow to His precious name.

If you are in doubt about something you are seeing or experiencing always remember Jesus is our great protector.
Be quick to use His name.

Many react in fear when they begin to come into the awesome presence of God. We have written three articles for this end time revival.

  1. One is the Discerning of Spirits for the End Time
  2. The second is Feeling Fear in God’s
  3. Third, Biblical Revival Manifestations
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