The Ministry of the Apostle English / Chinese


A.L. and Joyce GillThe Gills were asked to do a new series on The Ministry of the Apostle and it was recorded in English/Chinese. In this series, A.L. and Joyce share many of their personal stories. Several people who were at the recording said, “We want to hear this also! Don’t just send it to China.”It’s available in two editions. The Standard Definition (SD) is for those with slower computers or connections. The High Definition (HD) edition has much larger files, but also sharper pictures. It does take longer to load. The choice is yours.

1A ~ Introduction: Our Testimony

2A ~ Biblical Apostolic Ministry

3A ~ Foundations Laid by Apostles / Prophets

No SD Available

4A ~ Apostolic Miracles in Our Lives

5A ~ Apostles as Spiritual Fathers

6A ~ Questions / Answers on the Apostolic