Step Into Destiny

Step Into Your Destiny

September 27, 2018

Those who came to the Mountain Top Encounter had an awesome time as we came into the presence of God in every session. The first night, Joyce saw a pulsating power field that appeared like gold and fire flowing all the way from Big Bear Lake, California, to Lima, Peru, as Joshua took part by way of the internet. Joyce felt God was showing her how His power was burning through the veil of darkness in nation after nation. Isaiah wrote,

He will destroy on this mountain the surface of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations (Isaiah 25:7)

The next day, several saw the same type of pulsating power but this time it was over all of us, and it appeared to be red, purple and gold. When it lifted from us, it hit Joshua and he began to laugh as he was instantly filled with the power of God. As we were worshiping God, the song we sang in the 70’s kept coming to mind. “I’m my beloved’s and He is mine. His banner over me is love…”

In one of the sessions, someone began to describe the banner he was seeing in the Spirit realm. So we were not completely surprised when someone else sent us this awesome picture of that banner.

As Steve Swanson was leading us in overwhelming praise and worship, a minister and his wife who had never been to a meeting like this were not sure if this was truly of God. He prayed silently, “Lord is this is really of you, give us confirmation by having him lead us …” and he named a more traditional song. Immediately, Steve shifted to that very song.

Many awesome prophetic messages were delivered.

There were times when it seemed impossible to stand in the awesome glory of His presence. On one occasion we moved into a “glory tunnel” as others were waving banners over the heads of those who were passing, some with difficulty, through the “tunnel.”

On the last night, we had a “Parade of the flags of the nations” and Paul Roberts gave a powerful message on reaching out to the nations of the world. We all knew we had been in the presence of God and many were saying “This was the best Encounter ever.” Others were saying, “Our lives will never be the same!”

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