Over 60 Years Equipping Believers!

A.L. and Joyce Gill

When A.L. and Joyce received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1972, they were launched into an outpouring of God’s miracle healing power and revelation knowledge. Now the powerful, life-changing truth of God’s Word explode in the lives of others through their dynamic preaching and teaching ministry.

Based on his years of counseling experience, Dr. Gill compiled the book, God’s Promises for your Every Need, which now has  over 20 million copies in print.

He and Joyce have also authored many books and manuals which are being used in Bible Schools around the world. They have made them available for free download through this site.

Their Message

Every person is made up of more than a list of achievements. It is through life’s experiences that God develops a victorious spirit, an effective ministry and a dynamic message. God is using the Gills to bring revival to many churches, cities, and nations. Awesome manifestations of God’s glory and power are experienced in their meetings.

A.L’s messages on the Authority of the Believer are releasing believers into a fresh new spirit of boldness, which equips them for effective spiritual warfare and victorious living. Many are healed by the revelation of God’s Word as they listen to his powerful teaching on healing. His messages are equipping believers for miracle evangelism as they experience healing miracles happening through their own hands. His teachings on the Love of the Father, Praise and Worship, and Supernatural Living through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, are releasing believers into a fresh and intimate relationship with God and into living in God’s supernatural power.

Joyce’s practical and challenging messages on the Revelation Gifts of the Holy Spirit are moving believers from the realm of the natural into the supernatural. Through her teaching, believers are learning how to operate in the gifts of discerning of spirits, word of knowledge, and word of wisdom in the everyday situations of life.

Their Focus

The main focus of their teaching, whether in speaking or writing, is to train and release believers to step into their own God-given supernatural lives and ministries. They train believers to be supernaturally natural as they live and minister through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A.L. and Joyce Gill are internationally known speakers, authors and Bible teachers. Their vision, to provide the curriculum and leadership to establish Kingdom-centered training Centers in nations around the world, is exploding into reality.

Their varied background of working closely with many outstanding ministries in past years, has had an important part in forming their own unique and powerful ministry. A.L. was formerly General Manager of the largest chain of Christian Book Stores in the Western U.S. Since the mid-seventies, the Gills have worked closely with ministries such as Melodyland Christian Center in Anaheim, California; Charles and Frances Hunter Ministries and Dr. John Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas; and Dr. Gary Greenwald at Eagle’s Nest Ministries in Irvine, California.

Both A.L. and Joyce have an earned graduate level Master of Theological Studies degree. A.L. also holds a Ph.D. degree (Dr. of Philosophy).

Their ministry is characterized by great love and powerful anointing. Their preaching and teaching ministries are accompanied by powerful signs, wonders, and healing miracles. Great revival, which includes waves of holy laughter and awesome manifestations of God’s glory and power, has been breaking out in their recent national and international meetings. A.L. has preached crusades with hundreds of thousands in attendance.

Their Ministry has taken them to over 95 Nations, some of these over 50 times.