Equipping Believers Around the World to do the Works of Jesus!

Equipping Believers Around the World to do the Works of Jesus!

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Revival is Breaking Out!

September 27, 2018

Immediately after The Azusa Street Revival, around 1906, prophets from that revival came into Big Bear Valley and began to prophesy that a great outpouring of the Spirit of God was coming to this valley. ,
Similar prophecies were heard as prophets from The Latter Reign Movement and other revivals began to come to Big Bear Valley prophesying that a great revival was coming that would draw many from around the world where they would be equipped and empowered by a mighty move of The Holy Spirit ~ that His power would flow from this mountain like rivers of gold, flowing across this nation and out to the nations of the world igniting revival fires everywhere they went.

Since Joyce and I moved to this valley in the eighties, almost every prophet who has come to visit us has seen rivers of gold or rivers of fire flowing from this place.
The Holy Spirit has been whispering to us that now is the time for what the prophets have seen and been prophesying for well over a hundred years to be fulfilled.

In recent years, prophets have been prophesying that revival would break out in San Diego and spread from Mexico to Canada up the West Coast of the United States and from there across this nation and around the world. It was close to two years ago that revivalists, Jerame and Miranda Nelson, together with Joshua Mills came to San Diego to do a three-day conference. An awesome revival started that is still going with powerful manifestations of the Spirit of God.

Joyce and I have been privileged to attend and minister in several of these meetings that are now reaching thousands around the world through the technology of live-streaming of these meetings.

October 30, a Monday night, God moved in powerful manifestations of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as Jerame ministered to a packed-out group here at Big Bear Lake. The remarkable glory of God filled the room as believers, hungry for the over whelming manifestation of His presence, came from numerous churches both here in our valley and from many other areas.Remarkable manifestations of healings took place in the lives of those who attended.

Many received encouraging prophetic words. Everyone felt they had been in the life-changing presence of God. An hour after we closed the meeting, many were still basking in His presence. It seemed no one wanted to leave His glory. ,
People began to stream from here to Lake Arrowhead, Colton, Riverside, Redlands, Victorville, Palm Desert, Acton, Las Vegas, and His gold and His glory went with them just as He has said.

Because Jerame, along with us, feels revival is here, he has agreed to come back on November 27th. If you are hungry for more of the awesome, life-changing presence of God, come and join us.

Fire on the Mountain Event

One lady who pastors a church with her husband in Colton, California asked another pastor to come with her. She sent us the following report the next day: Papa Gill, Praise Report, I received an instant healing in my lungs last night (recent x-rays showed 6 spots) and I walked up our stairs at 12:45 am without stopping when I got home, first time in a long time. And, I slept the whole night long which is a miracle, and I truly FELT God doing another level of healing on my whole spinal column. Much pain was lifted off last night. The Lord said He’s healing my back in levels and to keep moving and speaking to my whole spinal column and spend MORE time in His presence! Something is about to happen in Colton, CA, for HIS glory and honor, something I’ve been waiting my whole life time to see. ,
Another pastor wrote: This gathering was better than a home run with all the bases loaded!

Last September, we held our 16th annual Mountain Top Encounter at a local hotel here at Big Bear Lake. Everyone was saying it was the absolute best, life-changing MTE we have experienced. On the last night, Holy Spirit Mantles were falling on everyone as they walked through the colorful “Mantle Tunnel.”

We have received reports saying there has been a powerful increase in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and miracles in their lives since attending the Mountain Top Encounter. The praise and worship times were overwhelming as Steve Swanson led us into the amazing presence of God. ,
Ambassador Clyde Rivers’ message overwhelmed us all. Revival fires were lit as Jerame and Miranda Nelson released a revivalist anointing. Henry and Grace Falany shared their passion for revival which has been so much a part of their ministry since the Feast of Fire Revival broke out in their church years ago. Gershom Sikaala challenged us to experience greater measures of revival in our daily walk and ministries. It was a great blessing of God for Joyce and I to again lead and share in this year’s Mountain Top Encounter. ,
One of the most astounding times happened when we were all so caught-up in the overwhelming presence of God that absolute silence fell on us. It lasted for what some have said was forty-five minutes. We had been giving Him praise and giving Him worship and then…He completely stopped us and ministered to each of us where we needed it. Those were moments none of us can forget.

Much of the meetings were recorded and you can still experience what happened by going to:

Jerame and Miranda Nelson have been bringing their Interns for a time of training at our International Ministry Building here at Big Bear Lake for the past couple of months. I had the privilege of ministering to them following the last Mountain Top Encounter. The next day, I was an opening speaker for the International School of Ministry Conference that was held again at the large Rock Church in San Bernardino, California. The theme of this year’s conference was “Health and Healing” and I was asked to lead and minister a Miracle Service on the second night of the conference. After I spoke on Healing in Our Redemption, about eighty people raised their hands to say that after checking out their bodies they had received a manifestation of healing.

As the meeting continued, others came forward for healing. One young lady who had suffered extreme pain in her body for numerous years took my hand and came out of her wheelchair. She began to walk and we even started to run together. She later testified that she had been completely healed of her extremely painful condition. Deaf ears were opened. Those with many pains in their bodies were healed as Nasir Iqbal and others ministered healing to them. There have been a hundred or more confirmed healing testimonies that have come in. God continues to move in an awesome way as we keep going ~ preaching The Gospel of The Kingdom in many nations and across this land of America. We are especially blessed by the revival that has broken out here in Big Bear Lake, California. Words cannot express our excitement and appreciation for each one who is partnering with us in prayer and generous giving as we keep going bringing The Fire and Glory of God’s breathtaking presence across this land and to many nations. , Your missionaries to the world, , A.L. & Joyce Gill

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