Equipping Believers Around the World to do the Works of Jesus!

Equipping Believers Around the World to do the Works of Jesus!

Mountain Top Encounter 2015

Glory! On the Mountain Top! - MTE With Joshua and Janet Mills

A.L. writes:
The Mountain Top Encounter was over the top this year! The ballroom of the Northwoods hotel was packed to capacity with four hundred people who were hungry for more of the glory and presence of God. From the beginning, as Joyce and I were making our opening remarks, supernatural sounds began to come from the speakers.

Pastor Tom Comstock who volunteers to bring his sound system and lines up the musicians who minister with Steve Swanson wrote, “We wanted to write to say thank you for giving us the privilege of being with you at the recent Encounter! We think it’s perhaps the best conference we’ve been to – and we have been to many!

Many who had attended last years Encounter when the angels appeared and started playing the keyboard and began singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” and oil was flowing from Joshua Mill’s hands as he anointed everyone in attendance, said they didn’t see how this Encounter could be any better, but it was. It was like we started where we ended last year.

The anointing and glory of God’s magnificent presence kept increasing and increasing as Joshua and Janet Mills, Steve Swanson and others shared so powerfully from the Heart of the Father. In every session, the atmosphere was supercharged with the glory of God’s awesome presence.

As we were looking at the pictures that were taken during the “Encounter,” we were struck by the fact that there was so much smiling and laughing.

AL and Joyce
The Mills

One of the highpoints came after I shared on Prayer, Bringing Heaven to Earth. We began to declare the Word of the Lord, Ask of Me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance and the ends of the earth as your possessions. Steve began to play the shofar as though it were a drum, and it brought such strength into the room.We took 25 flags of the nations from the stands at the front of the ballroom and began to wave and dance with the flags as we were interceding for the nations.

Jack Tuls began to call out one nation after another in a strong voice. The shofars were blowing, the people were shouting, and the music escalated into a great crescendo of sound. God’s anointing was absolutely overwhelming. Joyce melted into her chair unable to stand in the presence of God. Later someone spoke to her and she was still speechless at the heavenly presence of God that had come as we interceded for the nations of the world, and for our nation.

During some of these sessions, golden glory dust and other mysterious objects were falling from above. Many noticed the glory dust on one another’s faces, and clothes, however at these times the presence of God’s awesome glory was so overwhelming, it was like these supernatural manifestations were just natural.

One lady who attended as part of a group from Coulterville, California wrote,
Our youth group really enjoyed being there and some of them went to new levels in their faith. Several of the kids found gold dust on them and one of them spoke in tongues for the first time. We as a body have been praying for the youth to be touched and that’s what happened. Prayers are being answered. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!

She went on to write,
I came with a new believer from our church and she was nervous, not knowing what to expect. She was so touched by God and He began to speak into her life in a new way. God is SOOO GOOD! She got new direction and confirmation for her life. God was bringing revelation to her.

She continued, As for me, God also showed me things that confirmed certain things in my live and areas that God wanted me to hand over to Him. — I have a renewed hope and a deeper desire for more of Jesus.

The “Encounter” ended as we asked some of the ministry teams to join us in making a “glory tunnel” with husbands and wives facing each other and joining their hands together in the air. As everyone came through that glory tunnel the presence of God’s awe-inspiring anointing and glory was so overwhelming that it was almost impossible to keep standing. We all knew our lives would never be the same.

A couple who had not been able to attend drove up to Big Bear Lake and arrived on Friday night – the night after the Encounter ended. As they walked into the lobby they were almost slain under the power of God. They began so shout, “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” They exclaimed to the hotel employees at the front desk, “The Encounter ended last night didn’t it?”

“Yes,” the hotel employees replied, “It was awesome, and that same wonderful atmosphere is still here in the hotel.” Just then another couple walked through the front door to check in and felt that same overwhelming presence of God and also began to shout, “Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!”

Joyce and I give God all the glory as these exciting praise reports continue to come in.

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